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The B3V Utopia Feed Viewer is an alternative viewer for watching the Utopia Season 1 Live Feeds. It provides a more convenient viewing experience than the default feed viewing web page.

NOTE: The B3V Viewer does NOT allow you to see any feed content for which you you do not have permission to see. The viewer does allow you to watch free feeds subject to whatever restrictions are imposed by the official Utopia web site. The viewer does work with feed viewing for the following scenarios: viewers not logged in or without Utopia Passport, viewer logged in with Utopia Passport, viewers logged in under a Utopia Passport with paid access to the Utopia Premium Feeds.

The B3V Viewer is freely available for download and personal use.

(This site is not affiliated in any way with the Fox Network or the Utopia Live Feed service.)


System Requirements:

Release Notes:

This release is a preliminary first version. Unlike the B3V BB Feed Viewer, this viewer does not provide a complete replacement for the feed viewing system on the official Utopia site. It does however provide a more convenient application for watching the feeds than a standard web browser.

For users of previous versions of the B3V BB Feed Viewer, many of the toolbar controls are presently disabled as the same functionality is present in the video interface itself. Future versions may add these features back with a replacement video interface to minimize the clutter found in the current video interface. The currently implemented features are listed below.

Also note that the Utopia Feed viewer works a bit differently than the B3V BB Feed Viewer in terms of logging in. After installing and launching, the default mode is to view free feeds without logging in under a Utopia Passport. This results in a 5 minute viewing limit per session.

To watch the feeds without the 5 minute limit or to gain access to the Premium Feeds you will need to follow the log-in procedure listed below under the Quick Start section. Also note that to view the Premium Feeds (3+4) you will need to login with a Utopia Passport which has purchased the Premium Feed package.

Current Features:


Quick Start

  1. Download the B3V Utopia Viewer from the link at the top right of this page
  2. Install the B3V Utopia Viewer
  3. Run the B3V Utopia Viewer from either the Start Menu Program Group (Called B3V Utopia Viewer) or from the Desktop Shortcut created during the install.
  4. At first run, the viewer should go directly to feed viewing and feed 1 will begin to play. You can interact and control the feeds exactly the same way as on the official Utopia web site.
  5. If you have created a Utopia Passport account, you should login with that account to avoid the free time limit imposed on anonymous viewing. To login with a passport account, go to the Settings tab in the toolbar and click the "Utopia Sign In" button. The Utopia website homepage will load. Click Passport Login button in the upper right of the page and login as usual.
  6. After logging in with a passport you can return to the Live Feds by either clicking the "Go to Player" button on the Tollbar, clicking the LIVE link on the displayed page, or closing and restarting the B3V Utopia viewer.
  7. To pin the player on top of other windows, check the "Pin On Top" checkbox on the toolbar Settings Tab
  8. To take screen captures of the live feeds, click the "Image" botton on the toolbar Capture/Review tab
  9. To open the screen shot folder in Windows, click the "Open Image Folder" button on the toolbar Capture/Review Tab
  10. Done!



Installation is straightforward. Download the installer from the above link and run the installer.


Installation Troubleshooting

Viewing Troubleshooting



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